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Yayasan Pendidikan Obor Indonesia Scholarship Program

Obor Foundation offers full scholarship for Indonesian students to further their educations in China and Macau Universities. The purpose of the scholarship is let more Indonesian students to learn about Chinese economic development and cultures thru higher educations.

Who is eligible for Obor Foundation scholarships?

Obor Foundation offers undergraduate students who want to further their post-graduate study in China Universities and Macau Universities.

Obor Foundation offers High school students who want to further their under-graduate study in Macau Universities

Selected universities are:

1. Qinghua University

2. Beijing University

3. Zhejiang University

4. Shanghai Jiao Tong University

5. Nanjing University

6. Fudan University

7. Jilin University

8. University of Science and Technology of China

9. Zhong shan University

10. Sichuan University

11. Harbin Institute of Technology

12. Shandong University

13. Tianjin University

14. Nankai University

15. Beijing Normal University

16. University of Macau

17. Macao Polytechnic Institute

18. Macau University of Science and Technology

19. City University of Macau

20. Kiang Wu Nursing College of Macau

What are the requirements for Obor Foundation Scholarship recipient?

1. Excellent academics:

a. Under-graduate Applicants must have completed their SMA/SMK with excellent academic record

b. Post-graduate Applicant must have completed their bachelor degree in any field with minimum IPK 3.40

2. Non-recipient for any other awards or scholarship

3. Obtain LOA (Letter of Acceptance) from one of the universities mentioned above

How to apply Obor Foundation Scholarship?

1. Fill in the scholarship application at

2. Obor Foundation will review and contact the eligible applicants for final interview.

What does the scholarship cover?

1. Full Tuition fee:

a. Two to three years tuition fee for Post-graduate student

b. Four years tuition fee for under-graduate student

2. Room and board: Obor Foundation cover living and eating expenses.

What is the number of Obor Foundation Scholarship Recipient?

Obor foundation is searching for three to five scholarship recipients annually.

For further question, kindly contact:

Suyanti (0821 7302 1985)

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