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2018 Chinese Government “Silk Road” Scholarship Application Steps (Jinan University)

SCHOLARSHIP CATEGORIES --> Full scholarship, provides: - 4 years tuition fee - 4 years accomodation fee - Annual 30,000 Yuan living allowance - Available scholarships: 20 - Available major: Chinese Language (Chinese Culture, Bussiness Chinese, Tourism and Culture)

APPLY REQUIREMENTS 1. Under the age of 25 2. Non-Chinese nationality from the countries participating in the "Belt and Road" initiative 3. High school degree 4. HSK 4 certificate

SCHOLARSHIP APPLICATION PROCESS 1. Online applications, login to the both two following websites: --> Jinan university, Huaqiao University Joint Application System. ( --> Chinese Government Scholarship Information System. (

*NOTE - Please do not use Gmail or Hotmail to register your account. It is recommended to use Chinese email. - Please use Sougou or Firefox browser. - Please choose “B” type scholarship, The Institution to be sent to "Jinan University" and “10559" as institution code. - The required material for application is provided in the photo

2. Submission of paper materials. Requirements: - Application Form for undergraduate program (Print out the Application form at: and sign). - Application form for scholarship (Print out the Application form at: and sign). - Original and photocopy of your passport. - Original and photocopy of your high school diploma and academic transcript for the three-year high school (should be notarized by the Chinese Embassy and be translated into Chinese or English). - Original and photocopy of HSK transcript (HSK level 4 of score 180 or higher).

DEADLINE: June 13rd ,2018

Sholarship application contact: Miss Liu(Office313) Tel:020-87205902 Miss Li(Office 311B) Tel:020-37251103 Admissions office, Miss Qu (Office 110) Tel:020-87205925


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